About us

Hello, I’m Darryl welcome to my website Best Massage Options (A.K.A my hobby). For years, I have been fascinated with Massage Chairs and Massage in general.I also have a keen interest in alternative health therapies and some of the associated  products.

My main aim with this site is to better inform prospective buyers of the many differences in massage chairs.I shall also be reviewing other products related to pain management and good health.Over time you will also see some interest articles relating to all of this.

Not all massage chairs are created equal. Gone are the days when all a massage chair did was vibrate with some heat thrown in. Nowadays they are a technological marvel with many different features. Massage chairs (unlike a therapist) are on call 24 hrs a day.

I have enlisted the help of many people to test and supply me with reviews of different chairs. I also reference the feedback left online (both good and bad) by the owners of various massage chairs. The result of all this is unbiased quality reviews of different chairs. A massage chair can be a substantial investment in terms of both money and your health. We hope the information we provide will help in the search for the perfect massage chair for your needs.Thanks for visiting.