Massage Therapy For Insomnia- what makes it so beneficial?

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Sometimes a good night’s sleep seems impossible to attain.There is a multitude of reasons for this.In this fast paced world, lifestyle changes are usually the main culprit.It could be caused by a stressful work environment or problems in your personal life.Massage can help to alleviate this.


The inability for a person’s body to adapt to shift work (especially rotating shifts) is another major factor.Exposure to this will at some time or another put the “body clock” out of order this is the body’s natural sleep/wake cycle.Essential service workers (police-fire-ambulance-nurses-doctors)have been struggling with this problem for years.

Short term or chronic pain caused by injury or a medical condition can also be a factor. There’s nothing quite so frustrating as watching the clock tick the time by as you lay awake.

What are the consequences of sleep deprivation?

Motor vehicle accidents, work site accidents, medical and other occupational errors are all linked to sleep deprivation.Sleep disorders are very common, especially amongst shift workers.Used as a natural sleep disorder remedy, massage therapy can help improve sleep patterns.

Sleep is essential for good health

For maintaining good health, recovery from illness and for promoting healthy metabolism.Massage helps to reduce stress, improve circulation, release tension, lower heart rate, and blood pressure and assist in strengthening the immune system.

These relaxing effects make massage a valuable aid in restoring restful sleep patterns.Massage is especially beneficial in treating sleeping problems that stem from stress, migraines, pain and muscle and joint stiffness.

A sleep disorder can make your life a misery. Whether you have sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, or the more common sleep disorder insomnia.

Lack of serotonin is often the cause of insomnia

Serotonin plays a vital role in mood, behavior, body temperature, physical condition, appetite, and sleep.The consequence of insomnia on your health includes loss of concentration and decision-making abilities. It can cause irritability and emotional instability.Therefore massage is an effective, healthy, and substance free choice to help people who have insomnia.

While insomnia may be a symptom on it’s own it can also be connected to a long list of health problems.Chronic insomnia is very poor sleep every night or most nights for more than six months.

The endless cycle of sleeplessness can cause extreme fatigue. Problems with concentration and can adversely affect a person’s mood and well-being.

Massage can increase a person’s serotonin level

Serotonin is an extremely important transmitter in our bodies that is essential to our survival.It also plays a role in mood, behavior, physical coordination, appetite, and sleep.

Derived from the amino acid tryptophan, the brain can also convert serotonin to melatonin.Melatonin is a hormone discharged by the brain’s pineal gland to calm and reset the segment of the brain that directs the circadian rhythm to prepare for sleep.

Circadian rhythms are internal periodic cycles that profoundly affect sleep and wakefulness.The chemistry of sleep is related to massage. The body’s production of serotonin, in addition to a decrease in long-term pain, can be influenced by massage.

Massage is an intelligent and substance free choice.It’s ability to help people with insomnia is because serotonin plays a role in sleep in multiple areas of the brain. It is, therefore logical to seek ways to increase serotonin levels for people that are sleep deprived.Massage chairs are a great way to maintain your body they offer the convenience of a massage anytime day or night.

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